Art forging is the creation of aesthetically pleasing metal products for various purposes. The difference between artistic forging and ordinary forging is in the general appearance products and the availability of details that make the items beautiful and original.
Even today, the art forging metal does not cease to exist, but only gains increasing popularity due to the emergence of new styles in architecture and internal premises.
In the interior, art forging is used in different styles, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Gothic, Empire, Baroque, African, Mediterranean, Moroccan, French.
IN each of the named styles of art forging has its own characteristics. So, in the gothic interiors, forged products are massive, the main motive of forging is floral ornaments. In Art Nouveau interiors, artistic forging is stylized: masters take some plant or animal image as a basis, and then transformed almost beyond recognition. Artistic forging can transform the facade of the building and give it monumentality.
Types of products: Lattices, Window grates, Fences, Railings, Gazebos, Barbecues, Gates, Sheds, Visors, Stairs, Doors, Balconies, Furniture, Decorative interior elements, etc.
The advantage of forged products is primarily due to their many advantages: reliability; strength; easy installation; sophistication; variety of designs; individual approach; durability; multi functionality; solidity; wind resistance.